NTTA TollTag Discounts & Benfits


Here’s what you get with a TollTag!

  • The TollTag is your on-ramp to well-maintained roads that provide convenient access to destinations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth
  • If you get a flat tire or experience other minor mechanical issues on our roads, we give you free help
  • Substantial discounts when you drive on every toll road in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, including TEXpress lanes
  • The Tollmate app makes account management quick and easy – download it from Google Play or iTunes and use it in English or Spanish
  • Rewards for driving NTTA toll roads via TollPerks
  • Easy to pay for parking at DFW and Dallas Love Field airports

NTTA What You Need to Get started


Here’s what you need to open your TollTag account:

  1. Driver’s license number
  2. Details about your vehicle:

    ◦ Model, make, year and color
    ◦ License plate number

  3. Mailing address
  4. Email address
  5. Credit or debit card